"Your Online Butler"

 The Online Butler Service


What It is:
Virtual Currency you can send anywhere around the world. With just one click you can send funds to anyone and it will be converted to their currency instantly. They will have the choice to use it for purchase or have it directly to their account. Need a greendot reload pak. We can  purchase a reload moneypak for you as well. You also get numerous payment options. Become a member today and recieve discounts and opportunities to win free money.

                                            Customer Service

 Email: [email protected] 

How It works!
If you are looking to convert currency and send funds, you must make a request by clicking on the contact us tab on the left and you will be contacted. If you are looking to purchase a moneypak, you can do so by simply clicking on the buy here tab on the left hand side of this page. Its that simple. If you decide to become a member then you will have 24 hr access to a personal butler including a phone number and your online Butler's personal aim or yahoo messenger account. It could be any amount at all. Perhaps " 300 dollars from USD to Euro" The fees are lower any other competitors.