"Your Online Butler"


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How soon do I recieve my Money Pak?

    As soon as you your payment clears.

  2. What payment options do I have?

    You can pay with any major Credit Card. (Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express). For Premium Members you also have the western union option.

  3. How do I become a Member?

    Click the "Become a Member" button on the toolbar on the left hand side of the homepage. You can become a basic member with a membership fee of 20.00/month or a Premium member for 40.00/month.

  4. How Does this work?

    You hit the contact us button tab on the toolbar on the left hand side on the home page. Within minutes you will recieve a phone call or email from a butler. If you are a premium member then you will be contacted by your personal butler with their credentials.

    Once that is done you will be given the options you have as far as obtaining your money pak depending on your membership status and how soon you need the money pak. Once that is done you recieve an invoice via email that gives you the option to pay with your credit card or debit card. Once that payment clears then you will recieve your money pak.

  5. How to Contact Customer Service?

    If you are a premium service member you will use you personal butlers cell phone number that will be provided for you. For all other customers Customer Service can be contact at [email protected]

  6. Hours of operation?

    Monday-Friday 7:00AM-5:00PM

    Use the Contact us Tab on the home page even after hours and a Butler will respond as soon as we are open.

  7. How do I get a Refund?

    Once your payment is processed you can recieve a refund if requested minus the fee that was assessed. FOR EXAMPLE: $105.00 charged to your card. if you would like a refund you will recieve a refund of 100.00. (we subtract the fee)

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